By Rouzbeh Rashidi

27 Aug 2021


For me, making cinema (or art in general) is about catharsis and abreaction. Artist retreats into their alienation until…

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21 Jul 2021


I utterly love the neo-noir or thriller films of, for example, Brian De Palma or Paul Verhoeven, the representation…

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19 Jul 2021

Early Digital Art

I want to inherit Cinema, but I don’t want to be needing it simultaneously. My films are already artefacts…

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10 Jul 2021

What is art? (work in progress 1)

Art is archaeological excavations of the umbilical cord between the creator and cosmos (unintelligible act). Art gives birth to…

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02 Jul 2021

Some formulated ideas behind Homo Sapiens Project

With my Homo Sapiens Project (HSP), I treat cinema as an open public laboratory of cinematic experimentation rather than…

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02 Jul 2021

What is cinema? (work in progress / 1)

To me, cinema isn’t saying about anything nor providing answers on any subject matter whatsoever. It is always about…

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30 Apr 2021

Images & Words

I have come to realize that images do not have any meanings. If they have meanings, then they are…

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01 Mar 2021

Documentary: Recap

I have always refused to believe and accept the fact that the documentary genre in Cinema would be even…

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08 Nov 2020

Creation is a Chaotic Agony

I have been a prolific filmmaker for two decades seamlessly for three crucial reasons: a) to achieve a specific…

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20 Jun 2020

Fatherland Is Captivity

I am not a writer; I am only a filmmaker and nothing else. But I write my ideas to…

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23 May 2020

The Connection Between Believes, Imagination and Cinema

I believe in nothing. Believing in something creates boundaries and rules around that notion, which is desirable for many…

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15 May 2020


I took me all day to think and finalise this concept: I am the films I will never make,…

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11 May 2020

The film is the film itself

The reasons I am against information-orientated films and conceptual art: an idea conceived by the creator is being “substituted”…

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06 Apr 2020

Anti-Illusionary Cinema

This is the very reason I absolutely love Ingmar Berman; to approach cinema in the most literal way that…

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