07 May 2014

19th Century Cinema

Today I went to LUX Moving Image free talk about “Artists Moving Image: Access, Archives and Distribution, a discussion about the promotion, presentation and preservation of the moving image work of artists.” I really enjoyed it and it also made me think!

I personally strongly believe that “films/videos” produced by experimental filmmakers are absolutely and totally different from “moving-image/video arts” produced by visual artists. Everything from approach, aesthetics, production to presentation is different and they have nothing to do with one another in my opinion, but many artists want to dissolve this line and insist on “blurry nature of this division” which I very much don’t believe. I interviewed Maximilian Le Cain for my Homo Sapiens Project about cinema in general and he said these words and they deeply express my views on the subject too:

“I am not part of the 21st century image culture because I don’t take images for granted, I can’t, and I still somehow tied up with the 19th century sense of the train coming to the station, of cinema as miracle. I am not jaded enough. I don’t understand with a lot of video art and media art, the sense of content being everything, using the moving image almost as just a device for conveying the information. Sometimes I can appreciate it, but it is not in my nature, it is not in my blood so in a way I have a very old-fashioned relationship with cinema.”