22 May 2016

A Lesson

Around our EFS events I am always engaged in conversation with the audience, organisers and other personnel. I always find this to be very fruitful and informative even if the responses are negative. On one specific occasion I was having intense arguments with a curator with whom I had to collaborate, from the very beginning things were not harmonious. As a result there was a constant tension but we had to keep it professional right to the very end in the best way we could. Nevertheless this person really pursued me, railing against my arguments in a fundamental disagreement; he said my thoughts were wrong and completely nonsense. I told him that I am not a curator and that I am only doing what is necessary for EFS in order to animate projects and create an exhibition dynamic for our films; if I fail to do this then our activities will more or less dry up as our films are meant to be SEEN, we are not making them to decorate our shelves. Long story short, in a rage he told me that if I am not a curator by doing all of this then what the hell am I? I told him that I am simply a pragmatist. He at looked me and replied: “then I despise your kind!” I told him that suits me just fine. – Rouzbeh Rashidi

PS: I have written further on this matter HERE (http://goo.gl/ma66xh)