07 Sep 2018


These days I am revisiting and re-watching my Homo Sapiens Project film series as I prepare them for video on demand release. In doing so, I’m finding that I can’t remember making many of them due to the massive rate of production (199 films between 2011-2015). Even those that have not been swallowed by this amnesia seem to exist in an artificial memory, as if implanted in my mind by someone else without my knowledge. The whole project seems so alien and distant. I always dreamed about having a secret underground cinematic life in my work, like a metaphorical secret addiction. If my feature films can be seen as a daily job to earn a living, I created Homo Sapiens Project as a private nightlife to feed my addiction to filmmaking. They serve no purpose, and I could comfortably live without them. The sheer volume of instalments in this series makes it impossible for audiences to watch all of them, and yet I still plan to continue making them. Cinephilia and filmmaking are a sickness that can be never be cured. You have to live with it and keep feeding the beast. Just as I or some like-minded friends have ravaged ourselves through creating vast filmographies just to survive, perhaps it is possible that watching these films might eventually becomes someone else’s drug? You never know, and the only way to find out is to keep making them.