26 Oct 2016

Cassette Tapes and Vinyls


As far back as I can remember, I have been deeply attached to music and collecting records. Cinema and music are equally important to me, essentially my entire life revolves around these two arts. First and foremost, rock music is my eternal mindset and I have spent my life listening to all branches of this genre. I also have an extremely strong love for electronic, jazz, blues, metal and classical music. I never stopped collecting and listening to records, especially during the pre-internet era when I amassed a large collection of cassette tapes and vinyls. From the early 1990s until 2004 I gathered together a personal archive of around 3000 tapes and 2000 vinyls from the genres I previously mentioned. Back in Tehran during this time, my friends and I used all of our energy and resources to find albums by our favourite bands and make a duplication for one another. This was such a wonderful period and these activities were so enjoyable because to this day this music is still banned in Iran, and so there was always a thrill and a sense of danger in congregating to listen to these great artists. It really was the best time in my life and I truly miss it. A few months before I left Iran in 2004 I sold my entire archive of cassettes and vinyls, I simply could not take them with me. I had to rip everything to mp3 and I left with only a hard drive; even that action was metaphoric for the end of an era and start of a new life. What was very funny, and at the same time tragic, was that I spent all of that money on drinks and a number of journeys in Iran with the dear friends I was about to leave forever. It was such a strange time! Here is a number of photographs of my old room in Tehran where you can see a portion of my music archive.

“For Those About to Rock We Salute You” – For all my friends back then in Iran and now in Ireland, the drinks and all the music for life: HERE

-Rouzbeh Rashidi