27 Aug 2021


For me, making cinema (or art in general) is about catharsis and abreaction. Artist retreats into their alienation until there was nothing but themselves through bodily and mentally purging phenomena. I use/abuse or take my constitutional pain, chaos and turmoil, and pass it through the medium I refined throughout the years with my personalised craft to relieve myself to exist.

This entity is a massive emotional and intellectually charged energy that wanders the world as a spectre; it is no longer you, yet the artist is in a different parallel universe. So in a way, art has therapeutic qualities, and at the same time, one can never recover from this Ouroboros-like practice. This image of the Ouroboros lies in the thought of devouring oneself and turning oneself into a circulatory process that has no beginning or end.

Image: Phantom Islands (2018)