18 May 2014

Cinema and Technology

Cinema is 100% relies on the technology of its time and the way you make films and screen them are entirely up to nature of that technology. This quote by Esperanza Collado about José Val del Omar is fascinating:

“He envisioned a different kind of cinema, one of visual poetry driven by what he called ‘meca-mística ,’ a mechanical mystic belief based on the philosophical idea of technology, of which cinema is the revealing instrument, capable of transmitting emotion into our culture. Val del Omar wanted to make visible the invisible in order to awake, provoke a reaction in and penetrate the senses of "passive audiences that live in a world of machines that stain our brains.” And, in order to achieve his mission, he expanded his films or ‘cinegraphs’ with inventive devices of his own making.“

Technology of our time is digital and filmmakers must embrace it fully in order to express themselves and advance cinema. As much as cinema is about the past, it is about the future too.