11 Mar 2020

Death and Violence

Ever since I finished my latest feature film, ‘Luminous Void: Docudrama’, last year, I have been thinking nonstop about this notion: what has left for me to give birth to? Where can I go next in terms of creation?

I have spent an unusual period of extremely prolific twenty years with an insane rate of one-person army production of experimental cinema. It nearly killed me, but I survived and forced myself to change in many ways. Does not matter, really! We all are doing our best. I am no exception.

This scene in Godard’s Histoire(s) du cinéma (1989–1999) is extraordinary. It quotes Rike “Where I create is where I am true.” And adds, “but man’s true condition is to think with his hands.”

Creation in art is real bafflement. I come to realize that art is nothing, really. It’s not a thing whatsoever. Not crucial or necessary. In fact, anything that is needed, vital, urgent and essential to act upon is “information” and not art. Which if you think about it is the most misunderstood concept of all time? Information carries you to a certain point, whereas art mystifies if ever has any function which I doubt.

Where I create is where I am true, but this could expand to forever, and it’s problematic. This notion of “where” is exceptionally challenging. I want to get closer, with whatever cinema I have left in me to the elixir of mortality. I love death and violence!