06 Jul 2015

EFS Cinema

From 2000 until 2011 the main focus of Experimental Film Society was to produce films, and though that is still the main focus, the urge to screen the work is just as strong as drive to create it. If you don’t screen your films they simply won’t come to life and so in 2011 we started to arrange our own screenings, designing our own programmes for film festivals, small cinema spaces and galleries. Simply put, creating the film is only part of the experience, screening it can nurture the seed and in time it will become something unto itself; an autonomous spectre casting its own shadows. During the last four years we averaged ten screenings per year, and that is not including individual screenings as part of our own solo practice. Apart from production and screening work we launched our VOD service, the EFS sound project Cinema Cyanide, and the online magazine EFS Publications.

Last night marked the fortieth EFS screening, and what a night it was- projecting new work in the wonderful space of Regenbogen-Kino and afterward we were greeted by an intense thunderstorm. Many thanks to those who attended the recent events in Berlin and to our friends and fellow organisers. At this point my main goal is to find EFS a permanent home, a small cinema where we could install our office and from which we could initiate all activities. In this cinema, wherever it may be, I could curate and present programmes by EFS filmmakers and equally show films from other like-minded artists from all over the world. Finally I’d like to express my gratitude to all of my wonderful friends and collaborators, with whom I have worked with during the past few years and I am positive that with their tremendous support we can achieve our goal.

Rouzbeh Rashidi