20 Jun 2020

Fatherland Is Captivity

I am not a writer; I am only a filmmaker and nothing else. But I write my ideas to contextualise and support my work. I find it very constructive to create a literature of ideas about what I do.

I have been making films for more than twenty years now and lived in two continents. One of the inescapable and unavoidable facts I have learned in the past two decades as a professional artist is that your nationality defines every single move you make. Quality and merit of your work, your personality, your character and everything else in your existence comes afterwards once the system renders you through this autocratic biased agenda. We would all do well to remember that our country of birth is arbitrary. I know very well that there is no escape from this fatalism, so that’s that. We live within artificial, human-made boundaries. Where are these borders, and who owns them? Answers only give headaches and create segregation, so no need for them. I think a cerebral individual is a person without a country. Fatherland is captivity. At the end of the day, when I think about all this, I remind myself that thankfully Cinema is infinite, unknown and still being invented.