31 Aug 2016

Gulf War: Operation Desert Shield

The only way to realise what your country is and how it functions is to be 100%, fully out of love with it. If you love and respect it then nothing will change and move forward … it must be a dry; exist in a cold and very sceptical kind of a relationship.

The most abhorrent act of a filmmaker is to be locked into a diaspora of their country. By that I mean that their sole purpose is to illustrate a city, or country, and its past. This spawns a sentimental, horrific nostalgia that forces them to stop thinking and engage with the matter with freedom of will and action. Such treatment of film is nothing short of fascism.

As for the other end of the spectrum, the platforms of screening (festivals and cinemas – obviously not all of them) and the audience, demand films that are in the order of what a nation/country is, and this must be fully respected. By that, I mean that they require films by a very specific culture; the broader, socio-political attributions of a specific country. Anything outside this paradigm is un-curate-able.

The role of a filmmaker is to create an extreme personal universe. Something that is entirely incomprehensible and utterly unreachable. A place that is absolutely and thoroughly mysterious to the point of no return. Films are pseudo-memories that contain crimes of nostalgia for the future; that future is already here, perhaps!

Rouzbeh Rashidi