19 May 2016

Hans Hirschmüller


Sometimes if you watch many films, especially over a short period of time, they come and go; you simply go from beginning to end and one hour later they are already drowned in the swamp of images that you digest every day. You gain nothing, you lose nothing; you watch them because they need to be watched. But suddenly out of this gas or mirage of cinema you experience a film that imprints itself on you forever. Rather than wiping clean all of these other films it sometimes uses their sunken images, resurrecting them, altering their DNA in a very strange and mysterious manner. Perhaps I could call it ‘buying time’, activating a part of the brain that seems to raise these other films up from the depths like sunken vessels and showing through a ‘new’ (or re-vitalised) way of thinking that these films weren’t all so mundane; a filmmaker that animates you to see other films from other filmmakers differently and to access cinema again unfazed and restored. A filmmaker such as this will grant you a little bit more time to live and let death linger, not by much but it’s enough. Rainer Werner Fassbinder is such a filmmaker for me! – Rouzbeh Rashidi