20 Jun 2014

Interview with Pasolini

One of the best interviews I have ever seen with the great Pier Paolo Pasolini.

-Could we say that all your work, books, films, poems express both great pleasure and great pain in living?

PPP: Your question jeopardises our entire interview. It puts a different slant on it. But it makes one thing clear, our talk has been a cultural pretext. That is to say, by accepting certain problems of contemporary culture and working around it. So I ask you and our listeners to consider our talk as a pretext. An alibi, an excuse to say something. If there was any sincerity in what I’ve said, it was an indirect sincerity, as it were. A certain passion, a certain need to be sincere in talking to you. In fact I haven’t said what I wanted to say, for no one can. Only rarely people can really tell the truth. Perchance… in moments of poetic inspiration. This is not a kind of irrational need on my part. I wouldn’t want to be irrational. I believe even expressive poetic moments as I was saying, are basically rational. Nevertheless what one says about poetry, about oneself, one’s films and novels, is always corrupted by certain habits which are basically social and cultural mores.