08 Jun 2016

Kino Apparatus


Whatever I have done in filmmaking has and will always be about Cinema itself, I surrender to nothing outside of this concept. It took me over a decade or so to fully realise that it was not just a refusal to tell stories using Cinema as a tool, but perhaps a near total lacking of that capacity in me to begin with. Once I came to this conclusion everything became so much more vivid. I am truly fascinated and perhaps hypnotised by this utterly mysterious dream-Kino-apparatus that functions as a very technical, industrial and dangerous machine. Cinema itself is a complete and utter perversion, sorcery and magic, simply because you are looking at people, objects, situations and the universe itself, and not just the things you are not supposed to gaze at but the ‘ordinary’ things. And when these items are put under the microscope we see the teeming multitude of bacteria and to some degree we infest this material with our own histories and thoughts. I always gravitated toward cinephilia, while at the same time I have always been a capable technician, so these two elements are enough for me to make my films. I knew in advance that this type of filmmaking would always marginalise a person but even that suits me fine, simply because I cannot tolerate the vast majority of social life. For now, all I know is that whatever project I make in the next few years it will evolve around the great film pioneers.


“Lang makes you want to puke. Nobody in the whole world is as important as he imagines himself to be. I completely understand why he is so hated everywhere” – Kurt Weill, in a letter to his wife Lotte Lenya (as quoted in Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast by Patrick McGilligan)