By Rouzbeh Rashidi

28 Mar 2020

Time in Cinema

Sometimes I like sophistication, and the other times I enjoy simplification of art. Today I believe, the purpose of…

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26 Mar 2020

Nothing is documentary or everything!

I have always refused to believe and accept the fact that the documentary genre in Cinema would be even…

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11 Mar 2020

Death and Violence

Ever since I finished my latest feature film, ‘Luminous Void: Docudrama’, last year, I have been thinking nonstop about…

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08 Mar 2020

Out of Body Experiences

The puzzle with making extremely personal or autobiographical films is the possibility of out of body experiences first and…

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12 Feb 2020

Black Screen

Anyone familiar with my work knows that I use an extensive amount of black screen in my films. I…

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21 Dec 2019


Sometimes I think about a series of memories that I have from the past experiences. They are bitter and…

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25 Nov 2019


My films are products and the consequences of living the images. They are not information, signs and symbols. I…

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08 Oct 2019


Marguerite Duras madly influences me for many reasons, but the most important is this approach he had developed in…

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03 Oct 2019

Ultimate Tragedy

There will be many films that I already know I can never make them in my life, but nevertheless, I tremendously…

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30 Sep 2019

Personal Vision

Experimental, avant-garde and underground cinema does not exist anymore within the general discourse of art, and it has gone…

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11 Sep 2019

My People My Culture

A sincere and straightforward statement by Lav Diaz about the art life. I share these principle and generally think…

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26 Aug 2019

To Be the Film Rather Than Understand It

It has become increasingly clear to me that nothing in any spoken or written form of language can satisfy,…

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11 May 2019

Flickering Shutter

I absolutely love when in some of the pre-1970s films you would hear the motor of the giant 35mm…

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30 Apr 2019

Shot reverse shot

Sometimes you watch a scene of a film where two people are in a small room and having a…

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