By Rouzbeh Rashidi

04 Mar 2019

Killing Cinema

I believe, if you try to kill cinema, as many claimed or still claiming by different means, formats, platforms…

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02 Mar 2019

Truthful Forgery

I love Cinema because every film was once a story in its original intention and by the time it…

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24 Feb 2019


Sometimes films are not necessarily audiovisual sensory experiences (they don’t offer any images); sometimes they are not about stories…

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27 Jan 2019

The Case of Dušan Makavejev

Over the past few days, I have been watching Dušan Makavejev’s films and revisiting them. The radicalism, alternative approaches…

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17 Jan 2019


Since my second feature, Only Human (2009), I have dedicated almost all of my features to one of my…

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15 Jan 2019


I have always been mesmerised by how Cinema functions and what the inner workings of this grand machine are….

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13 Jan 2019

Strangeness of Existence

The only way to get to know any auteur filmmaker’s universe is to watch all of his/her films, and…

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08 Jan 2019

Ancient Artefact

Every film I ever made began as an exhaustively plotted narrative in its primordial stage. By the time it…

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03 Jan 2019

Cinema as life and life as cinema

I have always believed that it is absolutely impossible to explain a film simply because it is an “experience”….

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30 Dec 2018

Footage Is Always A Mistake

Footage is always a mistake and a deceitful entity in filmmaking. It should never be relied upon and trusted….

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29 Dec 2018


Over the years I have concluded that I must participate and execute technical and aesthetical matters both behind the…

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20 Dec 2018

Political Act

First and foremost I am a filmmaker, and of course, a pragmatist to survive. Films (at least the ones…

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22 Nov 2018


When one makes alternative cinema, standardisation and bringing a film’s audiovisual aesthetics to so-called industry level is nothing but…

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09 Nov 2018

Film Séance

I never enjoy or get satisfaction from shooting my films. I look at it like military service; you must…

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