By Rouzbeh Rashidi

04 Nov 2018

Elitism is a Cancer

I am 100% against elitism. I would never make my films for a particular targeted audience. In fact, one…

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09 Oct 2018


There is only one resource that can protect you as a filmmaker in the hostile conditions of the film…

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07 Sep 2018


These days I am revisiting and re-watching my Homo Sapiens Project film series as I prepare them for video…

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27 May 2018


In the early 2000’s I used to write screenplays and make storyboards of the way I was planning to…

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07 May 2018

Intimate Films

If a filmmaker creates intensely personal and intimate films, they are not necessarily addressed to or even for the…

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19 Apr 2018

Burden of Filmmaking

There’s only one way to save yourself from the burden of filmmaking, and it is to forget about filmmaking…

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05 Jan 2018


At most, a filmmaker can only complete up to 50% of a film. It is then entirely up to…

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04 Sep 2017

Iannis Xenakis

This quote can be ultimately applied to the art of Cinema as well: “Music is not a language. Any…

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02 Sep 2017

Science Fiction

All my films are science fiction. Whether I intend this or not, the result is always the same: sci-fi….

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21 Jul 2017

Thank You Canon

I have been an avid user and loyal supporter of Canon cameras (photography cams and later on DSLRs) and…

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16 Jul 2017

Running a Film Collective

The most important and valuable lessons I have learnt from running a film collective for 18 years: 1. Always…

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07 Mar 2017

To The Unknown Audience

I can say without any doubt that I really enjoy screening our films to our networks of friends, colleagues,…

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04 Mar 2017

Mutant Films

“That’s the way restorations are done, they are Frankensteined together from a wide variety of sources.” Cinema has always…

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22 Feb 2017

The Poison of Activist Art

One of the most horrendous, disgusting, appalling and exploitative acts of creating art is to devour the suffering and…

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