30 Sep 2019

Personal Vision

Experimental, avant-garde and underground cinema does not exist anymore within the general discourse of art, and it has gone forever. Thanks to academia, film festivals and curators who removed craft, imagination and the role of creativity to the extremes. Everything now is about conveying information, addressing socio-political issues and activism approach. The most profound question is these are all great but where is the ‘Art of Cinema’? How can one engage with history, yours and that of the medium? Is it even possible anymore? Cinema’s vast experiential capacities are capable of so much more than this and can one engage with cinema on purely sensorial levels?

In response to what I have just written up there, I can only and solely follow my path and vision with the Experimental Film Society. And at the end that is the most political act I can commit to. Even if I am wholly disillusioned, disconnected, detached and rejected during my lifetime, my duty is to stay truthful to my beliefs on an existential and artistic condition of my living years. Uncompromisingly personal work raid my psyche to fuel phantasmagorical reconfigurations of techniques and half-remembered nightmares from cinema history. As I experiment with cinema, I allow it equally to test on me. I aim to create experiential works that chart an uncomfortable territory that is at once uncannily familiar and utterly alien. In evoking possible futures cinema might once have had, my films upset the continuum, rendering my life and the work I create until there is no distinction between them.