20 Dec 2018

Political Act

First and foremost I am a filmmaker, and of course, a pragmatist to survive. Films (at least the ones I want to make) must be completely impenetrable, inaccessible and beyond any faculty of comprehension. The only thing remaining will be the option of experiencing the film as a mysterious organism together with your team in a drone/void-like space and for the audience to delve into this and bring it to their own ‘next level’; to ‘be’ the film rather than understand it. This mechanism of filmmaking alone is the only subconscious political act I am committed and never solely on subject matters and representations. I hold a strong belief in this formula: the lack of acceptance by the film industry replete with a misfit status can help you. Furthermore, being an outsider has value, but you have to do whatever you are good at non-stop without paying any attention to unnecessary distraction and negative energy. Being adverse and resentful is not pragmatic whatsoever. Onwards!