08 Sep 2016

Porth an Men


A very touching and beautiful email I received recently from a colleague of mine in response to my Cinema Thoughts’s post New Direction:

“I was reading your thoughts about the direction of your work. Firstly, I want to reiterate my respect for what you do. I have spent the last ten years writing ‘poems’ and I make sure I write something down everyday. I  have a few hundred notebooks, everything is kept. I am not sure if I what I write is really poetry. I write very simply about my life, its very straightforward, can be mostly banal. Sometimes there is a gibberish. Perhaps I write the poems like a diary as a means of confession but equally my way of writing history, a personal history. My way of being an historian. I use to act a lot. Up until my early 20s, I thought it might be a ‘career’. I played Sade in Marat/Sade & Gloucester in King Lear, while I was studying Art History at the university in Colchester. I directed a play also. A reworking of an old work ‘Dulcitus’ by a ninth century Nun, Hrotsvitha of Gandershiem. 

I am not exactly sure why I am sharing this with you but I was struck by you writing that you weren’t sure about where things were heading and I relate to that. The strange contradictions  the feeling of  Onwards! Yes the excitement, thats all good. Equally the dead end. In any case, I wanted to share with you an idea I have had for some time. 

There is a place in Cornwall called ‘Porth an Men’ Widemouth Bay. I was there about two years ago, my grandfather was still alive then. I recall the grey Cornish weather, the rain, a real savage beauty. While walking the beach and its surroundings I thought of something cinematic. That Munch painting ‘The Murderer’ came to mind. I thought of Chabrol or Georges Simenon. A man on his own perhaps contemplating or committing a crime?

And I also thought of you and I thought yes I would be interested in sharing this with Rouzbeh and its taken me two years to do so.


I would be curious to know what you make of all this