31 Mar 2015

Post-Premiere Feedbacks on TEN YEARS IN THE SUN

In just a few days following the premiere of TEN YEARS IN THE SUN at JDIFF, I have received some extremely positive and even flattering emails and of course several negative (some quite furious) comments and feedback via email and tweet. The film really divided the audience into two separate factions. I have always believed that a film should put an immeasurable pressure on the audience in order to see why and how it affects them afterward. Furthermore I truly believe that the very worst reaction to a film would be for an audience to feel indifferent. If people like or hate a film it somehow indicates that at least there was enough material in that film for them to respond to and therefore potential for a deeper engagement. For me, the most important thing in filmmaking is to present the audience with films that can affect them with a certain generated energy. It is irrelevant whether they love or hate the film, but they must live with it. And after that it is beyond my control and over time the film will hopefully gestate within them. 

“Nothing has ever been invented that is more cumbersome to make than the motion picture” – Josef von Sternberg.