17 Jan 2019


Since my second feature, Only Human (2009), I have dedicated almost all of my features to one of my idols, to one of the filmmakers who profoundly influenced me. This act of dedication is more than merely a homage. It is a statement that invites the audience to observe how the history of cinema changes not only your films but also your brain and biology. ‘Progeny’ is the progeny of the Latin verb progignere, meaning “to beget.” That Latin word is itself an offspring of the prefix pro-, meaning “forth,” and gignere, which can mean “to beget” or “to bring forth”. I would like to see my films as the Progeny of my lifetime which are also a sign of respect for what came before my time and shaped me. I will continue my tradition of dedicating films until the end. My next film will be dedicated to the great Raúl Ruiz.