10 Sep 2014

Reflections on filmmaking


Recently I modified, re-exported and re-uploaded a number of my early feature films. These experimental features were made as a type of test or trial experiment. The films were assembled from footage I had accumulated over the years, archival footage, found footage and rushes donated to me by my close collaborators from EFS.

To be more precise, I didn’t plan on making any of these films, I never thought about them systematically and therefore I never specifically shot any ‘new’ material for them. In a certain way, these films were made so that I would have something to work on, something to occupy my mind and also enhance my editing and camera skills. This is an attitude I have kept from the very beginning, to always keep myself busy with the craft of filmmaking. Naturally, I didn’t and still don’t have any big plans for these specific films and although I have screened some of them on different occasions, and in proper projection/screening scenarios, I still hold the preference that Internet viewing fits their design far better.

I feel that my approach has changed dramatically since making “He” (2012), “HSP: There Is No Escape From The Terrors Of The Mind (2013)” and this change has now continued in my methods throughout the initial shooting of “Ten Years In The Sun” (2015). And from these experiences it has become very clear to me that this period of experimentation with such methods (deployed in those early feature films) is now finished. I want to make films that I can live with for a long period of time…

They can be watched on Video On Demand HERE