02 Jul 2021

Some formulated ideas behind Homo Sapiens Project

With my Homo Sapiens Project (HSP), I treat cinema as an open public laboratory of cinematic experimentation rather than a finished product.

Effectively, I began by asking a fundamental and yet simple question: what is the notion and existence of cinema in the 21st century. Form, in my view, is the essential part of cinema. When you conceive a unique form, then narrative (and I believe all cinema is narrative to a degree), drama, or story can be articulated with it. Or you can have just the form itself, which is amazingly expressive in its own right. Of course, you need the idea to go along with it, but we all have some ideas about our lives, society, etc. Then I realized that I need a system that provides me with unlimited ability to engage with the craft of filmmaking purely on a technical level, such as experimenting with different camera formats, lenses, filters and apparatus. I also wanted to eliminate the name, identity and even purpose of each instalment without having the pressure of putting them in the circulation of screening and distribution. This agenda perhaps correlated with my continuing existential grasp of immigration. Therefore I decided to render all my experiments through the prism of science-fiction and horror cinema because they are the foundation of my upbringing as a cinephile and discovering the medium.

Finally, I wanted to create a project that I would forget about it immediately on the spot, even while I am making it and, of course, after it. In doing so, I’m finding that I can’t remember making most of HSP due to the massive production rate. Even those that this amnesia has not swallowed seem to exist in an artificial memory as if implanted in my mind by someone else without my knowledge. The whole project seems so alien and distant. I always dreamed about having a secret underground cinematic life in my work, like a metaphorical secret addiction. If my feature films can be seen as a daily job to earn a living, I created Homo Sapiens Project as a private nightlife to feed my addiction to filmmaking. They serve no purpose, and I could comfortably live without them. The sheer volume of instalments in this series makes it impossible for audiences to watch all of them, yet I still plan to continue making them. Cinephilia and filmmaking are a sickness that can be never be cured. You have to live with it and keep feeding the beast. Just as I or some like-minded friends have ravaged ourselves through creating vast filmographies to survive, perhaps it is possible that watching these films might eventually become someone else’s drug? You never know, and the only way to find out is to keep making them with patience and perseverance.