13 Oct 2015

Strange Questions

A great interview with Peter Tscherkassky where he addresses some of the many issues that surround experimental cinema, such as its very definition, the importance of their presentation and Analogue/Digital. I had recently encountered these strange questions within Experimental Film Society post-screening Q&As, and I though I have always struggled in offering an answer, I believe Tscherkassky explains it very clearly and cuts right to the chase : 1_What is the difference between your work, which is experimental/avant-garde, and video-art? 2_Why isn’t this work installed within a gallery space or museum as oppose to a cinema? Why do you insist on this cinematic experience?

“I don’t believe in the art of cinema within the white cube. Within the white cube you have a black box and an audience that strolls around the museum and the back box has something on the screen in the middle of it, looks at it for few seconds, leaves again and the box stays or whatever! In my believe or in my way of paying respect to the art of cinema a film has a beginning, has a dramatically structure and has an ending. And we agree on a special time let’s say 5 o’clock and we all enter to the room, nobody moves, nobody picks up his cell phone and turns it on, instead turns it off, lights goes off and now we watch the film.” Peter Tscherkassky

Watch the interview HERE