13 Jan 2019

Strangeness of Existence

The only way to get to know any auteur filmmaker’s universe is to watch all of his/her films, and at that point, it doesn’t matter if some of them are weaker than others, they all contain very crucial elements of his/her alchemy. Cinema only exists in an entire filmography and not merely as individual films.

Especially, in today’s world, we are bombarded with an innumerable amount of moving images. The world flooded with media, and it is impossible to digest all of these images or even breathe under the weight of such a vast and growing mass. Only by creating work that is unique and entirely personal, deploying alchemistic imagery within a Cinematic context (of which the history is deep, ruthless and oceanic), can we bear down and define ourselves away from any monotonous or repetitious engagement with moving image that seems to stream from all sides. Anything that resembles reality, naturalism and ‘perfection’ is hiding behind a safety-guard, and this is deeply worrying. With an intimate and personal Cinema we can push forward in this seemingly all-encompassing medium and destroy any boundaries or safety mechanisms, nobody should feel safe, not when they are watching a film. Cinema as a medium to investigate the strangeness of existence instead tell stories.