13 May 2014

Straub & Huillet Interview

A fascinating interview with Jean Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet. This is very close to what I am struggling to achieve in cinema with my experiments on film. They also explain wonderfully what minimal art is and what is not. A notion that has occupied my mind for years and I still have no clue except I must carry on these tests. 

“Cinema is not an illustrative or descriptive tool. You have to build images and things have to exist within them. There are more and more filmmakers who show a thousand trees and in the end you feel as you have not seen a single oak during the two hours. Image has to stand on its own, the image is not something arbitrary. A finished image does not describe anything, it is its own entity, it does not describe. In the end it has even more of nightmarish quality when you do the opposite of what society does, that means no inflation.”

Watch HERE