26 Sep 2014

Ten Facts I Have Learned in Filmmaking

1_Never wait for permission from others to make films.

2_Never waste your time waiting on grants, funding or any type of financial support to initiate a project. Always begin even with zero means; bursaries and funding will eventually happen down the line. If you have nothing to show, nothing will happen.

3_Rely on absolutely nobody but yourself, do as much as you can on your own.

4_Never under any circumstances ask for feedback, advice or aesthetic help while making a film. Only trust your own instinct.

5_Try to master techniques and educate yourself on the equipment available to you. Also try to perform most of the technical duties yourself, through this you can work on your own terms.

6_The screenplay is only information gathered on pages for organisational purposes. This is very helpful for funding and other bureaucratic applications but it has nothing to do with the craft of filmmaking.

7_Everything in the film festival circuit, distribution system, public screening arena, and other such networks are based primarily on contacts and connections. Submitting work without these connections and hoping to be accepted is utterly senseless.

8_The term ‘independent filmmaking’ has no meaning anymore and being a filmmaker is no longer unique or special in any way. These days ANYONE can be a filmmaker and everything is independent. Your audience is limited to your network of contacts and friends that form a small circle around you.

9_Film schools are nothing but a complete waste of time. The best teacher is cinema and the films themselves. Watch as much as possible. Watch constantly and non-stop. Engage with the history of cinema all the time.

10_Unfortunately many people, for some extremely strange and absurd reason, do not want you to be active and progressing. These people will never support or help you even in the slightest way. DO NOT TRUST anyone beyond your own work and a handful of trustworthy collaborators who you have engaged with over a noteworthy period of time. In the end it is this fruitful engagement that makes everything worthwhile. Keep on making films, and screen them publicly without paying attention to all the negative energy.  You will SEE the difference!