11 May 2020

The film is the film itself

The reasons I am against information-orientated films and conceptual art: an idea conceived by the creator is being “substituted” and “represented” by a system (audiovisual, objects or texts). It has solely one purpose, to get a message across to the receiver. As long as this “communication” established, it is not essential and crucial what elements and compounds used to constitute that “system”. Therefore, those images/sounds, objects or texts can literary be anything as long as the message conveyed.

I refuse to have any information and messages. I want my images and sounds to be the only possible outcome of all the images and sounds in existence within my ability. Hence they are unique and can happen singularly one time for each film (with your picture, with you–then a revelation). The film is the film itself. The audiovisual is the idea itself and not the other way around.