25 Nov 2014

Why do you make these things?

A very intense programme of Experimental Film Society short films screened yesterday evening to a strong audience in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. The event went very well and we would like to thank TBG+S for hosting and the great audience for attending.

The programme seemed to eerily reach from a haunting ethereality to complete and utter debauchery. It must be said that we received some interesting feedback at the subsequent Q&A. One audience member anxiously asked: “why do you make these things?” To which there is no definite answer. Perhaps Walerian Borowczyk said it best: “Film is a security valve for instincts that are condemned. The individual reveals himself outwardly, releases himself and hurts no one. He identifies with what he sees, kills via an intermediary and lives an experience through the cinema.”

Thanks to Dean Kavanagh