21 Dec 2019


Sometimes I think about a series of memories that I have from the past experiences. They are bitter and sweet fragments of my life; continually pulsing and flickering in front of my eyes and waiting to resurrect!

Most days, I think about the dreams and nightmares that I had the night before. I usually write them down digitally in my documents to not forget them. They are incredibly feverish, violent and aggressive beyond belief. A parallel world!

Sometimes I simply think and observe my daily life and everyday living conditions. In society, with friends and family and such. I essentially scan my life and analyze the data continuously like a computer made out of flesh and nervous system. I watch my life!

It took me twenty years to realize that, when I want to make films, I don’t need any of these three resources or categories. I never have or will illustrate, recreate, reconstruct, represent or even re-imagine my movies.

I want to make films based on nothing, absolutely nothing, zilch. I want to be the images, sounds and ultimately, Cinema!

Image: Luminous Void: Docudrama