Investigating the Murder Case of Ms.XY. (2014)

by Rouzbeh Rashidi


61 Mins
Germany, Ireland

Cast & Crew

Idea & Director: Rouzbeh Rashidi

DoP: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Sound & Edit: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Featuring: Mario Mentrup, Olympia Spanou, Maximilian Le Cain and Atoosa Pour Hosseini.

Further information

Shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Prime Lenses, VHS-Found-Footage & GoPro.

Post Production on Final Cut Pro.

Produced By Experimental Film Society 2014 Germany Ireland.


Combining searingly intense ciné-portraits of actor Mario Mentrup and actress Olympia Spanou with hallucinatory passages of found footage, it cuts its single hint of narrative adrift in a cosmic void that equally questions human relationships and the cinematic image itself.

Film stills: