Persistencies of Sadness & Still Days (Take 1) (2012)

by Rouzbeh Rashidi


121 Mins

Cast & Crew

Idea & Directors: Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi

DoP & Sound: Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi

Soundscape By Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi

Featuring: John McCarthy, James Devereaux, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Sara-Jane Power and Maximilian Le Cain.

Further information

Supported by The Guesthouse Cork.

Shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Prime Lenses & HDV Camcorders.

Post Production on Final Cut Pro.

Produced By Experimental Film Society and Close Watch 2012.


“Persistencies of Sadness & Still Days”, is a four hour feature film by Maximilian Le Cain and Rouzbeh Rashidi. Structured in two sections or ‘takes’ of two hours each, this dream-like, experimental project offers two complementary explorations of cinematic form that skirt around possible narratives, ducking through a series of fluctuating audio-visual categories and intensities.

Film stills: