15 Jan 2017

Future Feature Film Projects

Three feature-length films that Rouzbeh Rashidi is planning to complete within the next few years:

-Project one: “Break Down” (date & duration: tbc) Genre: Abstract minimal Policier.

“A close examination of the life of a psychopath serial killer in captivity and his relationship with his sergeant in charge, his wife, and his family.”

-Project two: “Phantom Islands” (date & duration: tbc) Genre: Abstract film essay, fantasy, and horror.

“Phantom Islands is an experimental film that exists at the boundary of documentary and fiction. The film examines the concept of intimacy.”

-Project three. “The Luminous Void“. (date & duration: tbc) Genre: Science fiction, horror, and erotic thriller.

“The third and final part of his sci-fi trilogy and ongoing exploration into the nature of cinema.”