06 Feb 2017

Luminous Void Book

From 2011, when we began to organise our Experimental Film Society screenings, the urge to accompany these shows with a small text provoked me to delve into writing on cinema and filmmaking on a personal level. Over the years I have very much enjoyed creating a dialogue around the work of EFS and expressing my views on the particular type of cinema that we are committed. Also at the same time, I realised that creating discourse is immensely helpful not only for understanding filmmaking but also distribution and creating events.

I have now gathered reasonably enough material to publish a book called “Luminous Void”. It contains mainly – but not exclusively – material generated by members: histories, manifestos, interviews and various other documents. Almost all the necessary material is already written/compiled. In the next week or so, we’ll be going live with a crowd-funding campaign to pay for the design and printing.

“… Please join us in our luminous void. Now we are with you. Space is abolished. Cinema is present.”

-Rouzbeh Rashidi