21 Feb 2016

“Luminous Void”

From 2011, when we began to organise our own Experimental Film Society screenings, the urge to accompany these shows with a small text provoked me to delve into writing on cinema and filmmaking on a personal level. Over the years I have very much enjoyed creating a dialogue around the work of EFS and expressing my views on the specific type of cinema that we are committed to. Also at the same time I realised that creating discourse is immensely helpful not only for understanding filmmaking but also distribution and creating events.

I have now gathered reasonably enough material to publish a book called “Luminous Void” dealing with ideas that I have been developing over the past 16 years. The edit and proofing of this material is underway and I am hoping to publish this book either via self-fund or with the help of another agency.

“… Please join us in our luminous void. Now we are with you. Space is abolished. Cinema is present.”

Rouzbeh Rashidi

Special thanks to Maximilian Le Cain & Dean Kavanagh