19 Oct 2021

Masterclass at Tehran International Short Film Festival

I am very happy to announce that I will be giving an online masterclass as part of the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival this evening at 7 pm Iranian time. I will be talking about my experimental film practice, the Homo Sapiens Project and Experimental Film Society. Alongside Peter Tscherkassky, Klaus Stanjek, Michaela Grill, Thorsten Fleisch, Virgil Widrich and other international and Iranian artists/filmmakers and scholars.

You can watch the masterclass live on the Iranian Youth Cinema Society’s Instagram account (iycs.ir and amoozesh.iycs). Also, at the same time, on Iranian streaming channels/websites such as vodio.ir, tiwall.com and hashure.com.

I will be speaking in Persian, but other speakers will deliver the masterclasses in English. The festival is happening from 19th to 24th October 2021 in Tehran’s various cinemas.