06 May 2022

QUESTIONNAIRE INSOLITE: The Infinite Cinema of Rouzbeh Rashidi

I am very happy to announce that the first video-essay on my films has just got completed by two of my favourite contemporary film critics, Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin. This thought-provoking audiovisual essay is about the feature films I made between 2015 and 2019. I cannot express how brilliantly Cristina and Adrian dissected these films as it is a purely cinematic piece. I am deeply grateful for this beautiful gift as it is an excellent guide for anyone who is following my work and wants to discover them the first time and further, of course. Additionally, thanks a million to Maximilian Le Cain for his generous support of this project. Here’s the synopsis:

“QUESTIONNAIRE INSOLITE: The Infinite Cinema of Rouzbeh Rashidi

We asked experimental filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi some unusual questions, in the expectation that they would trigger a poetic vision of his own work. From his answers, we free-associated and devised a montage (a story, an inventory) that can serve as an introduction to his prolific – indeed, infinite – manner of generating mysterious, charged images and sounds, vistas and gestures. – An Audiovisual Essay by Cristina Álvarez López & Adrian Martin, May 2022”

Watch HERE