09 Mar 2016


The most populist art is taking for granted the intellect and senses of the audience. It uses socio-political approaches within a hidden undercurrent of nationalism and leads to a very ‘clever’, ‘legal’ brand of racism and fascism. It’s truly disgusting and frightening to abuse the audience’s capabilities and knowledge by manipulating what they already know into the hollow drum of a new experience; this is an act of slander. I think reversing this process and taking the audience into a complete unknown, hostile and unsecure environment is worth a try and hopefully it won’t be in vain. The audience should be left unguided as they find their own way back to a ‘comfort zone’, and perhaps they will never return. The final question: is it worth it? Or can you live with the consequences of making purposefully compromised, safely distributable nothingness that sends any progressive, artistic intellect back to the dark ages. No answer is needed. I know one thing for sure, stay away from the god damn populist people! – Rouzbeh Rashidi