10 Mar 2021

The Irish Times Interview

That’s it, I have outdone myself this time in an interview by saying insane and erratic stuff (pun intended)!

Recently, I was interviewed by The Irish Times about my filmmaking practice, the 20th anniversary of Experimental Film Society, the way we make our films and cinephilia. This interview is accompanied by a video piece via irishtimes.com for the online version and also available in print today 9th of February 2021. If nothing makes you watch/read the interview then perhaps these two paragraphs will do the job:

“Scenes from some of them – including a couple on their wedding day, a flying bathtub and a mesmerising shot of a man eating a flower – feature in Enda O’Dowd’s video for The Irish Times.”

“I’m a cinephile… arthouse, martial arts, porn, horror. Everything”

Thanks a million to Enda O’Dowd, Glen Murphy and The Irish Times for the interview and opportunity, truly appreciate it and means a lot. Special thanks to all the EFS filmmakers and artists for the segments of their wonderful films.