03 Feb 2016

Trailer of the TRAILERS (2016)

“There is a definite craft to making a teaser/trailer for a feature film. I have always liked the idea of a trailer or a simple promotional video that does not illustrate the film it is promoting. For me, the best ones (and most fun) are in fact those that mislead the viewer. I recently completed my newest experimental film feature film entitled TRAILERS.

A few weeks ago I asked Dean Kavanagh to make an opening and closing credit sequence for the film. However, when I was about to finish the film I realised that it really could not handle any additional weight. Therefore I chose a very minimal and basic credit sequence. Later on I thought of using Dean’s piece as the new trailer for TRAILERS, but after seeing it I concluded that it may sit best as a stand-alone short film born from a vague verbal guideline that I provided. Dean still has yet to see the film and intentionally avoided watching it while he was making this promotional piece. I quite like the idea of a video promo that intentionally avoids full service to the feature film and rather imagines it very personally, and naturally misleads. We decided to call the little monstrosity “Trailer of the TRAILERS” which is a short film made exclusively for online viewing. Thank you Dean Kavanagh!” – Rouzbeh Rashidi

Watch HERE