30 Jan 2016

TRAILERS is now complete!

I’m very happy to announce that my latest, biggest and perhaps most ambitious feature film to date, TRAILERS, is now completely finished and ready to screen. By some strange coincidence, it turns out that I filmed the first shot of TRAILERS on January 30th 2015 and have now finished the film one year later to the very day. What a bizarre year-long journey it’s been!

First and foremost, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to The Arts Council Of Ireland. Without their generous support, this film would not have been possible.

Special thanks to my amazing cast and crew for their magnificent creative input: Vicky Langan,Maximilian Le Cain, Anja Mahler, Jann Clavadetscher, Dean Kavanagh, Cillian Roche, Julia Gelezova, Jennifer Sharpe, Alicja Ayres, Eadaoin O’Donoghue, George Hanover, Klara McDonnell &Martin Berridge.

Thanks also to Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Michael Higgins, Esperanza Collado, Babak Saadatmandi,Jason Marsh, Michael Freerix, Uwe Jonas, Mario Mentrup, Daniel Fawcett, Clara Pais, Fabrizio Federico, Block T, Corcadorca, Open Night Cinema, The Underground Film Studio and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios for their support and help.

TRAILERS is 180 minutes long and will be available to screening on DCP. I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with you all. Onwards!

Rouzbeh Rashidi

More info HERE