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21 Feb 2021

Luminous Void: Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society

Luminous Void: Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society edited by Rouzbeh Rashidi, Maximilian Le Cain & Atoosa Pour Hosseini…

17 Feb 2021

Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents

The book Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents is now available! Edited by Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximilian Le Cain, it chronicles…

09 Feb 2021

The Irish Times Interview

That’s it, I have outdone myself this time in an interview by saying insane and erratic stuff (pun intended)!…

07 Feb 2021

EFS @ Kino ARMATA, Pristina

Two programmes of Experimental Film Society films will be screening at Kino ARMATA in Pristina, Kosovo on 18th and 19th of February 2021. ARMATA is…

22 Jan 2021

Phantom Islands at Melbourne’s Cinematica

I am very happy to announce that the Australian premiere Phantom Islands will take place at Melbourne’s Cinematica in…

20 Jan 2021

Top 20 Migliori Film del 2019

Happy to announce that my feature film “Luminous Void: Docudrama” is listed among the best films of 2019 “Top…

About Rouzbeh

Rouzbeh Rashidi (born in Tehran, 1980) is an Iranian-Irish filmmaker. He has been making films since 2000, at which time he founded the Experimental Film Society.

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Cinema Thoughts

Collection of thoughts and writings on Cinema and filmmaking by Rouzbeh Rashidi.

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EFS Publications

EFS Publications is an online journal edited and published by Experimental Film Society.

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Cinema Cyanide

Cinema Cyanide is a sound project by the members of Experimental Film Society and invited artists.

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