17 Feb 2021

Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents

The book Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents is now available! Edited by Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximilian Le Cain, it chronicles the history of Experimental Film Society (EFS) by compiling a series of essays, interviews and manifestos that set out and explore the ideas that drive and emerge from EFS filmmaking. It includes new texts by renowned film critic Adrian Martin, and by Alice Butler & Daniel Fitzpatrick, the curatorial team behind aemi (artists and experimental moving image) who describe the book thus:

This is the kind of book which belongs in the homes of artists,  filmmakers, critics, programmers, curators and fans, encountered years from now well thumbed and returned to again and again; as much a source of inspiration or a space for reflection on cinema and its ineffable power as a manual for uncompromised creative practice.

The book, LUMINOUS VOID: EXPERIMENTAL FILM SOCIETY DOCUMENTS, is sold out. It is now only available as an eBook version (PDF). To order an electronic copy, please use the “Buy Now” button below. It is priced €10.