Closure Of Catharsis (2011)

by Rouzbeh Rashidi


100 Mins
U.K, Ireland

Cast & Crew

Idea & Director: Rouzbeh Rashidi

DoP, Edit & Sound: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Featuring: James Devereaux

Music: Dentistry

Further information

“Inspired by Remodernist Film Manifesto”

Shot on HDV Camcorder.

Post Production on Final Cut Pro.

Produced By Experimental Film Society 2011 UK & Ireland.


“A man (James Devereaux) sits on a park bench talking to the camera, trying to weave together a thought that won’t cohere while commenting on passers-by, his ‘guests’… Mysterious images intervene, overturning the serenity of the park-bench monologue. Rouzbeh Rashidi’s feature proves as engaging as it is elusive.”

Film stills:

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