Rouzbeh Rashidi

Experimental Filmmaker

Rouzbeh Rashidi (born in Tehran in 1980) is an experimental filmmaker. He has been making films since 2000 when he founded the Experimental Film Society in Tehran. His work is deeply engaged with film history and primarily concerned with mysticism, philosophy, esotericism, cosmology, phenomenology, and hauntology. The films are wildly experimental and often surrealist, magical realist, and mysterious and have been associated with the Remodernist movement. They are unified by his oneiric imagination, idiosyncratic working methods, and the dreamlike experience of watching them.

Feature Films

Feature films written, directed and produced by Rouzbeh Rashidi.

Homo Sapiens Project

HSP is an ongoing series of films by Rouzbeh Rashidi.


Rouzbeh Rashidi teaches courses, masterclasses and workshops.

EFS Film School

Welcome to EFS Film School, a dynamic academy and school.

Rouzbeh Rashidi offers various services on an international scale, including commissioning, mentorship, private tutoring, and consultancy. Those looking to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise are all welcome to reach out with their inquiries. No location is too far for him to service! He is available both virtually and in person worldwide, giving you full access to his services no matter where you may be located!