EFS Film School

EFS Film School:

Welcome to EFS Film School, a dynamic academy and school for aspiring and established filmmakers, alternative artists and creative individuals. We are a unique entity that embodies the idiosyncratic spirit of experimental filmmaking, championing the exploratory nature of personal, intuitive, lyrical and poetic Cinema. EFS Film School is deeply rooted in the philosophy and vision of its founder, the veteran filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi.

Philosophy and Themes:

At EFS Film School, we believe in the capability of Cinema as a medium for self-expression, exploration, and philosophical investigation of existence. We encourage our students to break away from conventional storytelling norms and delve into the infinite possibilities of experimental filmmaking. Our curriculum fosters an understanding of film history, mysticism, philosophy, esotericism, cosmology, phenomenology, and hauntology - key themes underpinning Rashidi's body of work.

Our ideal students possess a daring spirit. They are ready to challenge the status quo and venture into the radical realm of experimental Cinema. They have a deep appreciation for visual and auditory elements, looking to create profound poetic experiences for their audiences. Whether they come from a background in traditional filmmaking or are fresh entrants into the world of Cinema, we welcome all who share our passion for experimentation.

At EFS Film School, we offer comprehensive, half-theoretical, half-practical programmes tailored to equip our students with the skills they need to thrive in the artistic practice of experimental filmmaking. From understanding the nuances of slow Cinema and poetic film-diary techniques to learning the art of film essays and unconventional lyrical filmmaking approaches and methods, we provide a comprehensive education experience based on the extensive knowledge and vast filmography of Rouzbeh Rashidi that eventually results in constructing a cinematic mindset and lifelong thinking and practising a unique form of filmmaking. By the end of each course and programme, the ultimate goal is to nurture and cultivate artists- filmmakers who are entirely autonomous and self-sustained to continue making films during their lifetime.

Our commitment to nurturing the oneiric imagination and idiosyncratic working methods that characterise experimental Cinema sets us apart from traditional film schools. Our students don't just learn about filmmaking; they embark on a journey of artistic discovery and self-expression, guided by the spirit of innovation that defines EFS Film School.

Studying At EFS Film School programmes offers unique benefits. With its rich tapestry of cinematic impulse, each course weaves a complex narrative that is as sensory as it is thought-provoking. Its teachings echo the haunting alchemical qualities of silent Cinema, the pioneering spirit of early Cinema and the intellectual depth of classic art films. The influence of these genres is evident in the programme's tendency to convey profound themes through unsettling yet formally perplexed audio-visual filmmaking. It also draws heavily from surreal, otherworldly realms and streams of consciousness. EFS Film School uses these genres not merely for their thrill but as a conduit to explore more profound existential questions, often through a dystopian and apocalyptic lens. The cosmos and the liminality frequently appear, serving as metaphors for the unknown and the inexplicable. At the same time, experimental music and the avant-garde provide a unique aesthetic that challenges conventional standards. These diverse elements combine to create an ominous and bewitching cinematic universe, pushing the boundaries of what film can achieve as an art form.


Within the framework of these courses, you are not confined to the traditional role of a student. Instead, you are a pioneer, plotting your unique trajectory across the vast cosmos of cinematic expression. This journey is more than just an educational pursuit; it's an opportunity to become an integral part of a thriving creative community. A community that values unique artistic visions and imagination far above the desire for mainstream acceptance. It's a distinctive chance to be part of a collective where the intimacy of personal poetry is celebrated, and the courage to push the boundaries of conventional Cinema is cultivated.

Join us at the At EFS Film School – where the art of filmmaking functions as not a life filmed but filmmaking as parallel to life, and a parallel life a 'thinking through' of Cinema that will test the limits of the medium to the furthest degree that one artist's practice can encompass.


EFS Film School is proud to present three unique and enriching programs meticulously crafted to augment your understanding and practical application of filmmaking techniques and theories.

Course Title: Experimental and Personal Filmmaking

Structure: Theoretical and Practical

Format: On-site (classes will be conducted within a physical setting)

Our initial offering is an intensive masterclass known as 'Experimental & Personal Filmmaking'. This immersive program unfolds over five consecutive days, providing a concentrated and deeply engaging learning experience. The course content is delivered systematically across the span of a week, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter. For a detailed overview of this course, encompassing the syllabus, schedule, and enrollment procedures, we encourage you to explore the provided link.

Course Title: Experimental Filmmaking and Poetic Cinema

Structure: Theoretical and Practical

Format: On-site (classes will be conducted within a physical setting)

The second program we have to offer is 'Experimental Filmmaking and Poetic Cinema', an elongated course that spans two months or eight weeks. The structure of this course is innovative; for the first month, classes are held on both Saturdays and Sundays, culminating in a total of eight sessions. However, during the second month, the frequency of classes is reduced to just Sundays, adding another four sessions to the schedule. Consequently, participants will partake in 12 enriching sessions throughout the course's duration. For complete information about this program, including the syllabus, schedule, and enrollment process, kindly refer to the corresponding link.

Course Title: Theories of Personal Experimental Filmmaking

Structure: Theoretical

Format: Online (classes will be conducted via Zoom conference)

Our third program is an online course dubbed 'Theories of Personal Experimental Filmmaking'. This six-week course is conducted over six consecutive sessions (one per week) via Zoom conference calls. Participants will have the opportunity to delve deeply into the poetics, theories, and performative lectures of experimental filmmaking. Please refer to the corresponding link for a comprehensive overview of this program, including the syllabus, schedule, and enrollment process.