Selection of Press Quotes

‘Prodigious cinema.’ Adrian Martin.

An important new direction in the context of contemporary Irish experimental film.Donal Foreman.

‘The Iranian-Irish filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi actually seems to get closer to this fine line between “experimental” and “narrative” than any other filmmaker known to me. And this is no mean feat – it requires great nerve and good verve. True artists are those who not only envision something particular but who also go after it with energy and passion… Rashidi is like a 21st-century Bresson.’ Bill Mousoulis.

‘Rouzbeh Rashidi is a ‘cinemist’, a term borrowed from visionary Spanish experimental filmmaker, theorist and inventor José Val del Omar that combines in one the words ‘cineaste’ and ‘alchemist’. This affinity could be expanded even further if the presence of a spectral, quasi-tactile impression achieved through light pulsation and a ghostly mysticism that is common to the work of both artists were taken into consideration.’ Esperanza Collado.

‘Rouzbeh is proving to be forging his own path, making distinctly personal films that grow in ambition, skill and vision from one film to the next.’ Film Panic.

‘Rouzbeh Rashidi with Phantom Islands has created another incredible work that, by redefining the concept of cinema, is set to become an unmovable point of the contemporary and future avant-garde. Rashidi proves himself to be one of the best avant-garde filmmakers of recent times.’ Cinepensieri.

‘What continues to surprise me the most is the productivity, effectiveness and variety of the cinema of Rashidi, especially in an impervious terrain like that of the modern experimental cinema. Phantom Islands is already one of the best movies of the year.’ Cinemadermister.

‘It might reasonably have been thought impossible that a film would ever be made that could be described as an “underground epic” without any hint of irony. Yet Trailers is that film.’ Irish Examiner.

‘Director Rouzbeh Rashidi is a man well-versed in the styles and structures of classic experimental and surrealist film, and it shows.’ Victoria Film Festival.

‘What’s most astonishing about Phantom Islands are its dreamy visuals and ingenious music score, as well as the pitch-perfect sound design that more than compensates for the lack of dialogue. Virtually every shot is exquisitely composed, and each tone is a worthy accompaniment. A masterwork of the (re)modern avant-garde.’ Nikola Gocić.

‘Rouzbeh Rashidi is the prototype of a (true) filmmaker of the future.’ Post Tenebras Cinema.

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