Teaching Background

Since 2019, Rouzbeh Rashidi has been imparting his knowledge and expertise through courses, masterclasses, and workshops centred around the ideologies and practices of experimental filmmaking. His educational methods are deeply ingrained in the experiences and philosophies he developed while managing and conceptualizing the Experimental Film Society (EFS), an organization renowned for its dedication to creating and promoting experimental cinema.

Operating as an autonomous entity, EFS is recognized for its consistent commitment to cultivating film projects that reflect its distinctive cinematic perspective, meticulously refined over numerous years. The society's unique approach to filmmaking emphasizes personal and experimental cinema, producing films characterized by their audacious and exploratory nature. These films distinctly focus on creating a captivating atmosphere, visual rhythms, and an intriguing interplay between sound and imagery.

The EFS has substantially contributed to the production and support of many no-budget or low-budget full-length films, complemented by an extensive portfolio of short films. Furthermore, the society has gained recognition for its curated experimental film screenings, showcasing the works of filmmakers and artists closely affiliated with the organization globally.

Teaching Methods

Throughout his educational journey, he has transitioned from rigid, uninspiring teaching methods to a more lively, intuitive, and engaging pedagogical approach. He infuses his courses, both emotionally and practically, with a spontaneous exploration of poetic concepts, immersing students in the captivating allure of lyrical expressions. He delves into the profound depths of philosophical notions intricately woven within the fabric of cinema. His approach nurtures an environment that encourages creative thinking, enabling students to understand and appreciate the intricate interplay between emotion, fragmented narrative, and visual aesthetics in filmmaking.

Instead of merely perpetuating pre-established filmmaking ideologies, he ardently endeavours to construct a compelling cinematic experience that engrosses the audience. He aspires to guide students into the mystical, otherworldly realm of personal and experimental cinema. He aims to steer them through this visually stunning yet eerily haunting terrain, equipping them with the skills and confidence to etch their unique pathway in the realm of filmmaking.

His teachings are not merely theoretical; they are an organic extension of his filmmaking practices. The inclusion of performative lecture elements, combined with lyrical and intuitive guidance, has become an integral part of his effective teaching methodology.

He presents an array of meticulously curated courses, masterclasses, and workshops catering to diverse learning objectives. These educational offerings represent the culmination of years of dedicated teaching, consistent refinement, and an unyielding commitment to educational excellence. Over time, his courses have been met with positive feedback from a global community of students, a testament to their effectiveness and his innovative approach to teaching.

Academic Credentials

As a freelance educator, he consistently collaborates and orchestrates various courses with prestigious institutions such as Universität der Künste Berlin (Udk). His commitment to education is regular and ongoing, reflecting his passion for fostering academic growth.

Between 2021 and 2024, he expertly delivered and conducted a comprehensive series of successful courses and masterclasses at the Berlin Art Institute. Each of these educational programs was thoughtfully designed from scratch, reflecting his commitment to providing authentic and impactful learning experiences. He painstakingly refined every detail, ensuring that each course met the highest standard of quality. His classes and masterclasses quickly gained popularity, earning widespread respect among their participants. This acclaim testifies to his unique teaching skills and the value of the knowledge he imparts. It's noteworthy to mention that his students hailed from all corners of the globe, with individuals from all seven continents making the journey to Berlin specifically to attend his classes. This international aspect of his teachings not only attests to his global appeal but also contributed to creating a diverse, enriched learning atmosphere. The multicultural environment fostered by his classes yielded a highly productive and fertile ground for exchanging ideas, further enhancing the overall educational experience.

In addition to these roles, he has shared his expertise through teaching assignments and delivering masterclasses at several other notable institutions worldwide. These include the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach in Offenbach, Germany; Arche e.V., located in Berlin, Germany; Kino Armata in Pristina, Kosovo; the Tehran International Short Film Festival in Iran; Baltic Analog Lab in Riga, Latvia; UNATC I. L. Caragiale in Bucharest, Romania; and Lichtenberg Studios, also based in Berlin, Germany. Each experience has provided him with an opportunity to influence and inspire a diverse range of students and professionals in their respective fields.

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