Mutual Admiration Society (2014)

by Rouzbeh Rashidi


62 Mins
U.K, Ireland

Cast & Crew

Concept & Directors: Rouzbeh Rashidi & James Devereaux

DoP: James Devereaux

Editor: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Sound: Rouzbeh Rashidi & James Devereaux

Soundscape: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Featuring: James Devereaux.

Further information

Shot on Nikon D3100 with Compact Lenses.

Post Production on Final Cut Pro.

Produced By Experimental Film Society and Drifting Clouds Cinema Group 2014.


Surreal and mysterious, in equal parts absurd and intense, Mutual Admiration Society is part of the noted multi-film collaboration between actor James Devereaux and experimental filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi. Based entirely around a silent, tour-de-force one-man performance by Devereaux as a man who appears to be haunting and threatening himself, Mutual Admiration Society uses startling visual techniques and editing rhythms to create a claustrophobic hall of mirrors with Devereaux’s tormented protagonist at its centre.

Film stills: